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About Us:

Why We Exist:

We are motivated to provide our client’s with superior property management services that are not readily available.  We have combined our experiences in property management and real estate investment to create a property management company with a singular focus on the client.


By combining unmatched communication and operational excellence with attention to detail, we are able to provide owners with a one-stop shop that assumes the burden of managing a property, on-site staff, vendors, etc.


Our philosophy is simple – we treat it as our own. What is best for the client drives our thinking as we depend on a high level of communication, technology and our established relationships in the community to help us achieve the client’s goals.

The Harvest Name:

We chose "Harvest Property Management" because we believe in investing (planting) into quality relationships and real estate investments. During ownership, the investment is nurtured (cultivated) in such a manner that lasting, rewarding benefit is harvested in the years ahead. By providing exemplary service and communication to our clients, along with proactive budgeting and maintenance Harvest Property Management delivers a management solution unique within the market.

Our Goals:

Our goals are simple: we want to serve people well. We recognize the responsibility entrusted to us by our clients. Managing real estate assets is in our blood; It's who we are. We believe that fostering growth in the personal lives of our team members and creating value and profitability for our clients go hand in hand. Our culture is vibrant and healthy. We believe in "team" and employ an "all hands on deck" approach when tackling the most arduous challenges within the property management arena.

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